Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Skills Audit

- Develop skills in Recce reports:
I.e- Notes on lighting in the location, possible noise sources, health and safety implications, transportation of people and equipment, permission to film etc.
Before filming starts, going to look properly around the location and noting down important details will ensure filming goes to plan and stays on schedule if things are planned thoroughly.

- Focus on lighting skills:
I.e- Consider the time of day and therefore the light conditions, and continue monitoring lighting whilst filming.
I have little to no experience of lighting equipment and therefore need to practise and hone these skills before the final production of my music video.

- Keep notes of shots and takes that have been filmed:
This will avoid confusion, and allow the most efficient use of time on location, whereby everyone knows what needs to be done and where.

- Titles and Transition:
I.e- Use moving titles creatively, and place transitions, other than cuts, sparingly and appropriately.

- Learn to put music from a CD onto my video:
I.e- Using the program CDEX to transfer the music over my video.