Monday, 10 January 2011


For our mime costumes we luckily already have all of the kit we need to create a realistic costume. Both Vince and Milly have supplied their own tops and trousers, and between Emma and I we have supplied the top hat, beret, braces, neck tie and make up. These have all proved effective costumes, as we found out from our print tasks.

Although: It will be too difficult to edit make up flaws througout the finished clip, and although the advantages of a HD camera mean we will have a proffesional end result, the high definition will mean any errors in make up will also be very visible. Therefore we have decided to ask our friend Emily Sparkes to be our 'makeup artist', due to her outstanding artistic ability shown in her work below, as well as the fact she has a tattoo apprenticeship so is used to working on human skin:

Here are some examples of her work-

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