Monday, 10 January 2011

Filming: Day One

Our aim for today was to carry out the 'bedroom scene' shots:
"Bedroom Shots (Total of 11 shots = 44 takes)
Location: Milly's House
Estimated time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes (20 minutes set up, due to changes in location around the house and changes in camera angles, 1 hour filming, doing 4 takes of each shot, lighting check, 5 minutes test shots) Cast required: Vince, Sam and Milly"

Today might have proved to be a bit of a challenge, as it was our first day filming with our cast and we had to get to grips with the HD camera we had not used before, as well as using a set we were not familiar with. But as it was, the day proved a success and we even had extra time to record some shots for the chorus of Vince and Milly miming to the music against the effective back drop.

We had anticipated some problems as we already knew all of the lighting kits had been booked out by other students, so we planned in advance to bring along some extra lighting including strong watt lamps and also some fairy lights and candles to create the 'romantic mise-en-scene' we hoped to achieve. Milly and Vince proved to be very good at co operating and acting, and although the miming shots took a couple of takes all in all the day went very smoothly. Here are some shots of the day, and some film clips of what we managed to achieve:

Above is a one of the frames from our stop motion clips of Vince, we used paper to cut out a tear and stuck it to his face using vaseline so it could be easily moved without disturbing the make up behind.
The finished video has the tear falling down his face.

Top: The set up intererior, we liked the contrasting colours of the striped shirts and red braces, so we tried to emulate this colour theme with the background wallpaper and lights. We also lit the candles around the flower arrangements to create a romantic mise-en-scene.

Bottom: Emily putting on Milly's make up.

Above is some finished stop motions photographed from a Canon EOS DLSR used with a tripod to keep the images smooth and realistic. We then used Windows Movie Maker to get an idea of how it would look when it is edited onto our video. The final outcome of this stop motion clip will be slightly different in the music video as it will be edited in Adobe Premier Pro, where the transition from one image to the next will be slightly faster.

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